Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm still alive..

I know, I know, I've been gone forever. I'm not dead quite yet ;)
Things worked out with Cecy (new girl.) Turns out she was acting kind of over-the-top because she missed her home. I'm adored as always. Everything's cool.
I haven't really been doing much lately. Me and my friends are all in the summer program this year.
Oh, and big news:
I'm going to the American Girl store! I love their clothes, so I can't wait. Unfortunately Mom isn't getting anything just for me D:
But we are getting *another* new classmate. I mean, seriously, when do we not have a new student?
Since my last post there are two new students- Antoinette Brooks and Pippa Kelly.
I'll start with Antoinette.
She's partly French- her parents named her after Marie Antoinette, for whatever reason. I don't know who would name their kid after someone who got their head chopped off, but it's their choice, after all. She's got gorgeous long, shiny hair that looks like a light brown waterfall. Her face is kind of pointy and pinched looking, though. Like she's been sucking a lemon. She's really shy, and doesn't say much.
Pippa is very different, though. She's impulsive and a little spoiled. Her parents write travel books, and up until now she traveled with them. They decided this year she needed to socialize more, so they signed her up for Shay Academy.  She's got dark brown hair with bangs, brown eyes, and she wears thick brown glasses. She and Antoinette are Cecy's summer roomies.
They're both nice enough.
Sabrina and Sonya and me got assigned to the same room, thank goodness. I don't know what I would've done if I had to share a room with a neat freak like Eliza or a wuss like Antoinette.
I better sign off.
Stella <3


  1. Good to see you again, Stella!

    I'm glad you're still adored. ;-)

    Best of luck getting along with the new students!


  2. Hi, Summer!
    I'm trying my best, lol.
    They're not too bad, really. Antoinette is fine at least. Not so sure about Pippa :P

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